8 Best SEO Blogging Tools

For your website, today we are going to tell the best SEO tools for blogging by using which you can optimize your website SEO. With the help of the best SEO Tools you can grow your website. Let’s know what are they.

Many SEO tools are present on the Internet, but today I will tell you some well-known and 9 SEO tools used by us, which will definitely grow your website. If there is no traffic problem on the website.

1. Google Analytics Tools

This SEO tools are very useful for your website, it will let you know when and how many times the website was opened in which device, apart from this, you will also know here when the visitors on your website were active and this tool will also tell you what the visitor saw on the website?

With the help of Google Analytics, you can also know how much traffic is coming from. For this, you have to add your website to Google Analytics.

2. Google Page Insights Tool

With this SEO tool, you can check whether your side is loading across all devices. Apart from this, you can also check the loading speed of your website. With this help, you can find out how long the website is opening in different devices. With this help, you can see html and javascript errors and make changes in them.

3. Copyscape Tool

If you think that there is a little bit of duplicate content on the website, then you can do it only by finding it with the help of this tool, it is a Duplicate Finder SEO tool. If you are working on the website in the beginning, then you must use it.

4. Google Search Console Tool

Google Search Console is an important SEO tool, without it organic traffic can not come to your website, it will show your website on google search engine, it gives you complete data of impressions and clicks coming to the website, it crows and indexes on all of your website, Google Search Console gives you complete information about analytics, error, alert, and warning to your website.

5. Bing Webmaster Tool

Like Google Search Console, the Bing Webmaster SEO Tool works, this tool is made up of both Bing and Yahoo search engines.

6. XML Sitemap Tool

With the help of XML Sitemap, the search engine knows how many pages and posts are on the website, whenever you create a new post or page, google, Bing and Yahoo know how many pages and posts of your website are present in it.

7. Yoast SEO Tool

If the website is on WordPress, then you must use this tool, it is a better and better two so that you can make your post full SEO. If you want to set up yoast SEO tool then read our post.

8. Ahref SEO Tool

This tool is the father of all SEO tools. But this is a paid tool, you will have to pay money to use it powder, but it works much more than your expectations. This tool tells which page of the website has got a backlink from where and which number the page of the website is ranking on the Google search engine. With the help of this tool, you can pick up the backlink of any website and this will give you complete information about any website, where its traffic is coming from.


If you use the best SEO Tools mentioned by us, then the website will definitely reach a high peak, so we have told you 8 best SEO tools for website through this post, you must use these SEO tools.

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