How to Apply for E-PAN Card?

Pan card is an important document. Every citizen must have a PAN card. Pan card is sought in any office out and banks. There is no work in banks without pan card. Many times, due to the absence of PAN, there are problems in withdrawing the account in the bank. This problem is going to go away now. Many times you apply for an offline document and it takes 15 days for the PAN card to arrive, but you can take out the PAN card online for free sitting at home. In 10 minutes, your PAN card will be ready. Pan card will also be made for free. E-PAN card service has been introduced to make PAN cards. You can easily apply for a PAN card in this service.

E-PAN was launched in 2020. The e-PAN will be released immediately, you have to print it out. Later, you can deposit the PAN card in any government or banks. This is very beneficial for the ordinary citizen. You can easily remove the PAN card by applying it online from your mobile, computer, laptop and e-facilitation centre. You can apply by visiting the Income Tax Department site. You can remove the PAN card by clicking on the link of Instnat PAN through Aadhaar New. Pan card you will get a soft copy in PDF. Just for this, your Aadhaar card number is enough. This PAN card will be made from the Aadhaar card document. Read on to see what the whole process is.

To make a PAN card, you have to visit the income tax department’s website. In this, you will see many options. Click on Instnat PAN through Aadhaar New. Get New Pan and Chek Status/Chek Status. Download PAN These two options will be in this, you have to apply on get new pan card. In this, you have to enter the number of Aadhaar card. After entering, the register of Aadhaar number will come to Otp on mobile. OTP will be verified. You have to validate the email id. If all this happens, the E-PAN will be issued immediately. And you can download the PAN card. In this way, your PAN card will be prepared.

How to Apply for PAN Card Online

  1. For the PAN card online application, you have to visit the official web site of the Income Tax Department incometax.gov.in.
  2. In this, you will see many options in our services.
  3. Later, click on E-PAN (Instnat PAN through Aadhaar New).
  4. As soon as you click, you will get new e-PAN and the second check status/download PAN will appear two options.
  5. Click on the Get New e-PAN option and verify by entering the Aadhaar number and entering the captcha code.
  6. The Aadhaar register will come on the mobile number, the OTP will come and enter it and validate the Aadhaar details, email ID.
  7. On validating, e-PAN will be issued immediately and you will be able to download the PAN card.
  8. Get New e-PAN gives you this digitally signed PAN card issued in electronic format based on e-KYC of Aadhaar.
  9. Check Status/Download PAN Can check status of pending e-PAN request/download e-PAN.
  10. Thus you can make an online PAN card in 10 minutes.

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