What is BHIM App? How to Use it?

As we all know, the BHIM app has been launched by the Prime Minister of our country, Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modiji, on 30th December, 2016/ Prime Minister also informed that BHIM App bharat ratna has been named after The Architect of the Indian Constitution, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar ji and also mentioned that bhim app matches the great thoughts of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkarji, he was a great economics scholar/ The Prime Minister’s aim is for every Indian to use this app to further promote Digital India so that our country becomes a corruption free country.

What is BHIM App?

Bhima’s full name is Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM NCPL (National Payments Corporation of India) has created this app. It has a payment system UPI (Unified Payment Interface) that works on the BHIM app. This allows you to send or receive money from your Android phone between two bank accounts. This is a very simple and easy way to exchange money, you can also send or receive money from your mobile number. Only once you have to download this app and register the bank account through your mobile. Your mobile number must be linked to your bank account otherwise your UPI PIN will not be generated.

The most important thing is that Bhim UPI app can be run without internet just you have to dial *99# from your mobile. Details like account number and IFSC are not required while Money Transaction. You can send or receive money from both Saving Account or Current Account using the BHIM app. Another highlight is that the BHIM app is available in many regional languages besides English and Hindi.

How to use BHIM UPI App?

If you also want to exchange money with this modern system easily and easily, register the BHIM app on your mobile as directed by us.

  1. First you go to the Google Play Store and type BHIM and search, then the app will come to the Google Play Store, download it or download it from the link above.
  2. After installing the app, ask you about your language, select your language and next.
  3. The application will then ask for verification access by your mobile and SMS, the sim 1 and SIM 2 option will come for verification (for two SIM mobiles) select your SIM and click next to let the process happen.
  4. After the process is over, you will be asked to make a four-digit Passcode, put your digit and ok. This Passcode will protect your app.
  5. Then the application will ask you to select your bank, you select your bank. After that the app will automatically extract all your details so that it sends a SMS whose code automatically verifies.
  6. Once the entire process is over, your BHIM app will look something like this where your bank name is at the top, Transfer Money below it where the option of Send, Request and Scan & Pay will appear so that you can send or receive money.
  7. The below part will have My Information in which-

Transaction- It will have details of all the Money Transaction.

Profile – You can set your UPI QR code and payment addressing it. Using which you can get money.

Bank Account– From here you can check your bank account amount easily. To see, you must first generate UPI PIN, so it will ask for your debit card details.

My Beneficiaries- All UPI ID, Aadhaar and bank account details you have used before will be found here.

Almost all banks are connected to the BHIM app. This is a very secure app this app does not remember or save any of your personal information such as UPI PIN. So you can use it without any doubt.

If you’re having trouble using the BHIM app or any other kind of problem, you can talk to customer care number 18001201740 it for troll free.

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