What is the speed of 5G and how does it work?

To understand the 5G network, let’s go back some time, when the 1G network came, it was used for sending SMS and audio calls. Its speed was very low and its range was quite high, but due to low speed, it was now closed.

After 1G came 2G, whose speed was from 40 kb to 300 kb, it was used to download photo audio for phone calls, in this era we were able to make calls easily on the phone. Technology was developed and the third generation 3G came. At this time the Internet got a revolutionary development, from this time the speed of the Internet was 500kb to 10mb, we were able to watch videos easily on mobile.

After 3G, 4G network came, its speed is much higher than 3G, its speed was fixed from 10mb to 150mbps but we don’t have much of its speed. Its speed is almost equal to 3G. Meanwhile, now telecom companies are ready to launch 5G networks in the market.

5G is the fifth generation cellular network. Which will provide fast internet service many times faster than the existing cellular network. Due to which it will not take even a second to do any work in the future. At present, cellular companies are preparing to launch it worldwide from 2019. According to the GSM Association, by 2025, 5G will have 1.7 billion subscribers.

What is the speed of 5G?

5G is the fifth generation network in the fifth generation Hindi, whose speed will be much higher than 4G. The download of 5G network will be from about 1gbps to 10gbps. 5G technology has started in many countries. But India is still far from this technology. Telecom companies are making full preparations to bring this technology, some of its trials have also been done, but many mobile phone companies have launched 5G phones.

How does 5G network work?

To understand how 5G networks work, we need to understand about radio webs.

This whole system works through the electronic magnetic web. That is, radio webs, the number of times radio waves repeat themselves is called its frequency. How long it takes to repeat once is its wavelength. Whenever the frequency and wavelength of radio webs is low, it travels far and the speed of such waves is less. Based on these, the network works. But now when it comes to 5G, its frequency is much higher than 3G 4G networks and its wavelength is very low, due to which these radio waves are not able to move far. Therefore, if telecom companies install 5G towers, then they will have to install towers like street lights to cover every area, only then it will be able to give its speed. Keeping this in mind, three electronic electric wave emitters will be installed on every tower of 5G. Which will leave low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency waves. This will ensure that the distant area will be easily covered by low frequency waves, which will reduce the network speed a bit.

Problem in installing 5G

The biggest problem with installing a 5G network is that it cannot be installed everywhere. As we mentioned above, its frequency is high and the wavelength is very low, due to which its signals will not work far and wide. To do this, 5G towers will have to be installed everywhere. Therefore, 5G will be given only to places where there is a dense population or where there is an institution so that more and more people are close to it. Telecom companies will have to spend a lot to install 5G. Because the radio spectrum of 5G networks is more frequency, which is a scarce and limited resource and it is very expensive to buy.

The price of 5G smartphones is also very high, the biggest reason for this is that the phone’s processor also needs to be fast to access the 5G network. Along with this, different connectivity hardware is needed for different spectrum bands in the phone, which makes 5G phones very expensive.

Benefits of 5G technology

The speed of this network will be so fast that its information will be available as soon as the incident occurs. This means that the dialogue will be done in real time. It is believed that this technology will be able to transfer data faster than 1Gbps. This speed is very high, which will make the work much easier. Also, in the future, all the domestic and office machines will be connected to each other so that it takes minimum time to operate them.

Dangers from 5G networks

According to many reports, the high frequency of 5G increases electronic radiation, which has a great impact on our heart and brain.

5G is likely to affect cancer, nervous system disturbances, heart disease and brain cells. But according to scientists researching 5G, radio waves affect our body, these waves are of very high frequency. But the frequency of waves of 5G networks is much less than the frequency of harmful waves. Therefore, it is not harmful to humans and animals.


In this way, we saw that 5G networks will change our future a lot. With this, large size data can be easily sent anywhere, but on the contrary, some side effects can also be seen.

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