15 Tips on How to Increase The Domain Authority of a Blog Website

Domain Authority: We know that you are very keen to increase the Domain Authority (Da Pa) of your blog website. Because you are thinking that with the increase of DA i.e. Domain Authority, your blog website will start to rank Google Me.

It is important to keep in mind that whenever a post or contant ranks, it has many factors such as high quality backlinks with a good blog post, keyword research, and page authority and domain authority.

Domain Authority is short called DA, Damain Authority is created by a SaaS company called Web Matric which Moz. Moz decides how much grade to give to any website or blog from 1 to 100. 1 grade is a very bad rank and 100 is a very good rank.

Now in this post, we will tell you about increasing domain authority, which will increase your domain authority as well as you can stay on the first page of Google for a long time.

How to check the domain authority of a blog or website

Many tools to check the domain authority of any website are available on the Internet today. But we will advise you to use only Moz’s Link Explorer.

Moz also makes you aware of other important metrics.

How to increase the domain authority (DA) of the website

You can’t increase domain authority overnight. Nor can you buy this important ranking factor. We will give you the right guidelines on ways to increase domain authority. For this, you have to read this entire post till the last and work on all its points. Only then will you be able to increase the domain authority of the blog website.

1. Buy the right domain

Domain Authority By the right domain, we mean to purchase the same domain which is very old i.e. its age is very high. You should buy the domain that has been used before. After this, there was no work on it for a few years. As soon as you start working on that domain, your domain authority can increase.

For example, our domain is also very old, about 12 years. It was worked on between 2008 and 2013, after which it expired. This example has been given so that whenever you buy a domain, keep these few things in mind.

2. Publish high quality content

Always publish the top content on your blog so that other bloggers link your posts or content to their blog.

Any blogger who follows your post link will get a reliable Do Follow Link. This will definitely increase your domain authority.

3. Increase domain authority by seo of blog

If you want to increase domain authority on your blog website, then you have to do SEO of your blog. Apart from this, you also have to pay attention to on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Only then can you increase domain authority immediately.

4. Move the website from HTTP to HTTPS

If your website opens only on HTTP, then you have to redirect it to HTTPS today. This will also improve your SEO and Google rankings. So install the SSL certificate for free on your website today.

If you put SSL certificate on your blog, then it will secure your website as well as your domain authority will also increase to a great extent.

5. Submit a sitemap for your blog

If you have not created a sitemap for your blog website and have not submitted it to Google Search Console, then traffic on your website will not increase. So today, make sure to create a sitemap of Yoast SEO Plugin for your website and submit it to Google Websmaster Tools.

6. Let your site’s domain grow old

As you keep working on your domain, that is, if you publish the content, then your domain authority will automatically increase. So you have to say that focus on writing your post and ranking it on Google without any worry.

7. Do internal linking in the post

If you want to increase page authority with domain authority, then you must do internal linking in the post. Apart from this, add related articles, popular articles to your post or slidbar.

This factor will play a very important role in boosting the domain authority.

8. Create high quality backlinks for a blog website

Make high quality backlinks for the website, it will improve your domain rating along with the rating of your URL. But don’t make too many backlinks in a day. We have explained in detail about high quality backlinks in this post.

9. Remove bad links from the site

Redirect the URL of the deleted post of the website to 404. In addition, bad links such as adult, and other spam site links and

As we have mentioned earlier, backlinks should always be made from a website with good domain authority. Never create a spam backlink. If your domain’s spam score increases, it has an adverse effect on your Google ranking.

10. Increase the loading speed of the website

If the loading speed of your website is not correct, then the user will run away without opening your page. So increase the page loading speed of your blog website.

If you also want to speed up the speed of your blog like us, then you must do cache plugin, image optimization, Css Minimize etc. Apart from this, use the best web hosting to increase the loading speed of the website. Which we use.

11. Keep the site structure user-friendly

Correct the website structure i.e. make your website user friendly

  • Don’t put too many ads on the site.
  • Make the navigation menu user-friendly.
  • Use the AMP theme.
  • Mension the necessary links in the footer
  • Do not give sticky effect to the slidbar of the website, it is against the policy of adsense.
  • Keep the color of the blog right so that the user looks very attractive when looking at the website.

12. Keep the blog website updated

By keeping the blog website updated, we mean to keep all the plugins and themes of the website up to date. Always keep WordPress on a new update. Apart from this, keep the PHP version on the latest version.

Write a daily post on the blog website. If you can’t write a daily post, write 2 posts a week.

13. Submit guest posts to other blogs

Write a guest post on someone else’s blog. Write the post well so that the user comes to your blog from that website. Apart from this, take author or do follow link in guest posts. This will increase your domain authority faster.

14. Share the content on the social site

Slowly share all your content on social media. Apart from this, motivate the user to share your post on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

15. Make your site mobile friendly

As we have mentioned earlier, make the webpage mobile friendly. Be sure to put amp in your website. Make mobile navigation bar (menu) user friendly.
Also, design the attractive logo.


We have told you the pro tips to increase the Domain Authority (DA PA). If you like this post, then do not forget to share this article with your friends.

If you have any questions about domain authority, then definitely ask in the comment box below.

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