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What is Google Question Hub and How it increases the traffic of Blog Websites

Hello friends, so today we will give all the information related to what is Google Question Hub in this post, you know how big a network Google is. Today, the whole world is using Google. Google is the world’s largest search engine.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin discovered that Google’s first name was Backrub, which was changed to Google.

Today Google is one of the top companies in the world and Google plays a huge role in controlling our Android phones.

So today we will give you all the information about Google Question Hub, today we will answer all the questions related to your Question Hub and at the same time we will tell you how Google Question Hub works, the advantages of Google Question Hub, how to use Google Question Hub, what is its use and how to join Google Question Hub, etc. We will give you information through this post.

If you want to know any information related to Google Question Hub, you have come to the right place. So let’s first find out what is Google Question Hub.

What is Google Question Hub?

Google Question Hub is a knowledge market platform created by Google. The Google Question Hub is called in short (GQH).

Google has created a tool called Question Hub which will be given only to publishers and bloggers. With the help of this tool of Google, you can easily find out about any topic that users are searching for on the Internet.

If you want to write a post on a specific topic, then you will be able to easily get information by inserting the name of that topic, Google wants to publish more and more user relevant content in all the languages of our country, which can be taken advantage of by all the people and that is why the Google Question Hub program was started.

This app is mainly made for content writers and bloggers. The main purpose of this tool is to bring to bloggers the questions that users want to know. From this, bloggers will know what the audience wants, then bloggers will write content on that specific topic.

This question hub tool is absolutely free, it can be used by any blogger or content creator. But that creator must have a Hindi blog.

Google has created this tool specifically for bloggers. Because according to Google’s research, content in Hindi language is only 0.1%.

In such a situation, the mother tongue of our Country of India is Hindi and somewhere all the People of India understand the language Hindi well and the users who read Hindi are more. And there are Hindi Creators to answer all the questions that people say and the Creators do not understand that they have to write on the topic from article cone. The solution to this problem is Google Question Hub.

In this way, bloggers will know that the most asked question of people. Google has given all creators the option of early access. Google has given early access to get feedback so that it can launch this tool with more features. So now let’s know how Google Question works.

How does Google Question Hub work?

The Google Question Hub tool has been made quite simple, which any user can easily use. The user interface of this tool is quite simple. If you are a blogger, then you can easily know what questions the user is searching for in this tool, you can easily find out what information the user wants to get. You will get questions from the user that no one has answered yet.

For example, you look for a question sometimes and you don’t find it on Google, it’s because a content creator doesn’t write content on that question. Google Question Hub has been launched to suggest this problem. With the help of this tool, any content creator can answer questions.

When a user searches for a question on Google and he does not find the answer to that question, then Google asks the user for feedback, the questions given in the feedback box are sent to google in its tool question hub, with the help of which bloggers know which questions the users want to know the answers to the question.

How to join Google Question Hub?

We have told you about Google Question Hub so far, now we will tell you how you can june google question hub, so if you are eager to use this tool, then follow this process, you will be able to join it and answer the question located in it.

First of all you have to visit this link where you can follow the next process.

Step #01: As you visit the page, you will get two options login or signup If you have already created an account then login or sign up

Step #02: Express your interest to use

Step #03: As soon as you click on Click Here, your Inbox will open in front of you.

Step #04: You will have the option to open an email send.

Add full name, email and link to your website.

Step #05: Then you have to send the email of the question hub. You can also request Google Question if you want.

As soon as you have followed the whole process, the details of your website will reach Google then Google will review your website, your website will review your blog manually and Google reviews all your content which Google will find your blog to be ok then you will receive an email from Google in which you will be given a link to sign-up. You can easily open a Google Question Hub account.

No matter how long it may take for the email to arrive, you’ll need to take patience to work.

Some people get approved quickly and it takes a while for someone to get approved.

How does Google answer questions in the question hub?

If you have the question hub’s acces, then you can easily answer the questions. First of all, you have to login to the questionhub.withgoogle.Com. To login, you need to insert your email and password there.

Step 01: First of all you have to login so that the homepage of the Question Hub will be visible in front of you.

Step 02: As soon as the homepage of the Question Hub is visible in front of you, then you have to click on Add Questions and add your questions.

Step 03: As soon as you add the question, you have to click on the side button answer and then you have to submit the link to your article.

Step 04: You can add up to 5 questions of a topic and add 100 questions in total.

You have to make sure that you submit a link to your post.

When did the Google Question Hub event take place?

Google Question Hub was Google’s one of the best event ever, which was successfully held on December 14, 2018, at The Pullman Hotel, Aerocity in Delhi.

What is Google Question Hub Contest?

So now let’s know what is the question hub contest, Google has created this contest sirf and just to promote this tool.

Google organized this contest in which Google encouraged bloggers to write articles on as many tools as possible.

Google believes that due to this competition, bloggers will be excited about Hindi content and they have been awarded all the awards somewhere. This led to a stiff competition between bloggers and both Google and Bloggers benefited from it.

Google Questions Hub Event Winner

About 300 bloggers participated in this competition and in the end, they were given prizes based on their performance. People were given a lot of awards and mobiles, laptops and jackets.

Advantages of Google Question Hub

Google Question Hub has advantages. This tool is new in which not many features have been added so far. But this tool is very helpful for all bloggers and content creators.

  • Any content writer gets an idea for idea content with the help of this tool.
  • Users’ questions are easily solved.
  • You can also easily increase the rank of your article, you can easily rank by writing user friendly articles.
  • You can bring a good amount of traffic to your website, if you write an article keeping in mind the questions of the users with the help of the tool, then you can increase the traffic on your website.
  • You can increase the quality of your website’s content, you can improve the quality of your content by writing content on people’s questions using the tool.

FAQs related to Google Question Hub

Which accounts do you use in the Question Hub?

If you are a blogger, you can sign up in question hub and for that you must have a Google Account. You can open a new account or access the Google Question Hub from your usual account.

Which language will you find in question hub?

You will find English, Hindi, Indonesia, all these languages available in Google at the moment and in the coming time Google is going to add all the languages.

How can I view the content I’ve created on Question Hub?

In Question Hub, when you submit content for the first time, you have to see your display, and then access the Search Console data to your current sites in your Question Hub. Then you’ll be able to easily see your submitted content in Question Hub.

In which year was Google Question Hub launched?

Google Question Hub was launched under Google in 2019.


Friends, today we have given you all the information related to Google Question Hub in this post, I hope you have liked this post, then how do you increase the traffic of the blog website from google question hub to this post? If you like it, do not forget to share this post and if there are any questions related to this information, then you must tell in the comment section.

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