What is KYC & Why KYC is important? – How to do KYC?

Friends, whenever we open a bank account in a new bank or open a Paytm account, you must have a problem or technical issue related to KYC that you should get your KYC done and in all other financial systems, it is very important to get KYC done in all other financial systems, such as investing in mutual funds, Opening a bank account, opening a demat account, such as doing things.

Friends, if you also want to know what kyc is – what is KYC in Hindi (KYC kya hoti hai) and how to do KYC, KYC full form in Hindi KYC meaning in Hindi, How to do KYC in bank How to do KYC in Paytm

Read this article from beginning to end, what is KYC and know the complete information about how to do KYC.

What is KYC?

KYC means getting to know our customers or we can say that KYC is a process by which any company gathers detailed information about us.

KYC is a process that was initiated by the Reserve Bank of India for identity verification of customers, it increases the trust of banks in the customers a little bit. For KYC, you have to come with necessary documents like your photo, Aadhaar card and PAN card and you have to come up with your KYC in any bank, Or you can do it in a financial company.

In today’s time, you take any facility like Paytm’s facility on the phone or whenever you take a SIM or open your account inside any bank, you are in dire need of KYC.

KYC Meaning & Full Form

KYC meaning – Friends, meaning of KYC i.e. kyc means “to know your customers” in which

  • K = Know
  • Y = Your
  • C = Customer

In today’s time, in any financial system like banking finance, the KYC of its customer plays a very important role.

The full form of KYC is Know Your Customer, which in Hindi means not knowing your customers or identifying your customers.

In today’s time, KYC has become very important because most of the banks have KYC today and all the non-financial companies also demand or demand someone.

Importance of KYC

Friends, nowadays KYC has become a demand everywhere like opening a new bank account, or opening a new demat account, it is you have to invest somewhere.

In fact, the real purpose of doing KYC is that after doing THE KYC, the bank or the company has enough details of the customer such as the name number and his address and his real signature, such as the fake person and the real signature, the difference can be made between the fake person and the real one.

This can prevent and reduce frauds and frauds that occur with the bank.

What are KYC documents?

Friends, you can take your important documents like Aadhaar card and PAN card to give your information to any financial institution, apart from this, you have more documents Hindi in your possession.

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Driving licence
  • Voter ID card
  • Ration card
  • Passport

How many types of KYC are there?

Friends, there are technically two types of KYC in which you have to carry your KYC documents like Aadhaar card PAN card driving license and get your KYC done.


E-KYC is an online process in which you have to enter your necessary documents like Aadhaar card numbers and you get your signature verified by thumbs up.

Customer verification through eKYC is done very easily and paper verification is also done.

Offline KYC

Friends, inside offline KYC, you have to go to the KYC centre with your essential documents like pen inside tomorrow and get your documents verified there, their photocopies have to be put in the form and submitted.

How to do KYC?

Friends, there is a different process of doing KYC, if you want to get kyc done online i.e. if you want to get eKYC done, then you have to take aadhaar card and PAN card from your document and go to the centre, you have to enter your Aadhaar card number there and get it verified with your thumb.

Friends, if you do not have a KYC centre, then you can take your necessary documents or KYC documents and go to a nearby bank or branch where you want to open your account or opened.

Go there and take it to the KYC form and in it your necessary documents, photo copy of such Aadhaar card Photo copy of PAN card two passport size photos and finally submit your signature to the desk.

Benefits of KYC

Friends, there are different benefits of getting your KYC done in any company, just like if you get your KYC done in Paytm, then your account is opened and you are able to make a transaction, your bank account is opened after getting the KYC done in the bank, similarly it has some other benefits.

  • Identity between the company and the customer is verified by KYC.
  • Adequate customer information reaches the company through KYC.
  • Frauds in any financial company can be prevented by KYC.
  • Anyone can easily open their account through KYC.
  • Money laundering in the banking sector can be prevented by KYC.
  • The movements of any suspected customer can be monitored by KYC.


Friends, thank you for reading this article from beginning to end In this article you know what KYC is – What is KYC in Hindi and how to do KYC, KYC full form in Hindi KYC meaning in Hindi, How to do KYC in a bank

I hope you liked this article and it will have given you enough information, friends, for this, you must share it on your friends WhatsApp group and Facebook so that they can also get this important information.

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