Cloudways Hosting Review – Best Cloud Hosting

Whenever we create a new blog or think about creating a blog, we want to buy a best web hosting.

Before buying a good web hosting, we watch a lot of videos on YouTube and read a lot of blogs, but even then we can hardly find the answer to our question.

But through today’s article, I will tell you about the best web hosting – cloudways. It may be a little more expensive for you than some other hosting, but after reading the cloudways hosting review, you will definitely want to buy it.

Of all the hosting I’ve used, I found this to be the best hosting. In this article, I will give you complete detail about Cloudways and will also share my experiences with Cloudways with you. So let’s get started-

What is Cloudways Hosting – (Managed Cloud Hosting)

Cloudways hosting is a managed hosting. It is slightly different from other hosting. Cloudways provides us with the 5 best cloud hosting. Which five are as follows-

  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • Vulture
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud

There is not much need for technical knowledge to use cloudways hosting. In this, we do not get CPanel, but we get software like FileZilla to access our files. It’s a very advanced hosting.

Benefits of Cloudways Hosting – Cloudways Hosting Prons

By now we have understood what is Cloudways Hosting will now know why it is the best web hosting.

Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloudways gives you a golden opportunity to manage the hosting of 5 cloud providers on your Cloudways Innovative Control Panel. Cloudways is a very good platform in managed cloud hosting.

Customer Support

When buying any hosting, we first take care of support. Cloudways gives you support 24*7 and 365 days. Whenever there is a problem in your website, you can talk directly to cloudways, they help you very quickly.

Best High Security

You all know how important it is to secure a WordPress website. When your website starts becoming popular, there are many attacks in it.

In such a situation, Cloudways Hosting provides you with a very high level of security. In this, you do not have to worry much about the security of your website. They fix small issues on your website themselves. In the case of other hosting, the security of cloudways is very high.

Free Site Migration

When you want to migrate your website from another web hosting to cloudways, one of your websites is migrated for free by the cloudways team. But it takes a little charge to migrate the other website.

Easy Second Site Migration

If you want to migrate any of your other sites to Cloudways Hosting, then you can easily migrate with the help of Cloudways Site Migration Plugin, which becomes very easy.

Free Clone & Create Staging

We like this feature very much in Cloudways Hosting because with the help of Free Clone & Create Staging Feature, you can make any new changes by making a copy of your real website and can also make this website live when your changes are complete.

Daily Backup

In cloudways hosting, you get daily automatic backup at a low price, for which you have to pay.

Free WordPress Cache Plugin

In Cloudways Hosting, you get the powerful Super Fast Free WordPress Cache Plugin called Breeze. Which optimizes your website and you get one click purge cache and CDN configure.

Low Coast CDN

In cloudways hosting, you get the cheap and best CDN i.e. content delivery network so that your web file is stored on any nearby server. So that the visitor sees your website open quickly.

Free SSL Certificate

Cloudways gives you an SSL certificate for free, which is very beneficial. To install a free SSL certificate, you get the option inside the dashboard of Cloudways Hosting. So that you can install your SSL certificate for free in 2 minutes. So that your website will start redirecting from Http to Https.

Manage High Traffic

Cloudways handle a lot of traffic at a very low price. If you buy its lowest price plan, then it can easily handle traffic up to 1 lakh.

Good Website Speed

Good loading speed of the website is a big factor for ranking in Google. If you host your website in cloudways, then the speed of your website will always be very good. You will not have to worry too much about your website speed.

No Downtime

Downtime is called when our website is not live due to server issues, but if you use cloudways hosting, then your website will always be live, which is very beneficial in Google ranking.

Add Unlimited Website

The best thing about Cloudways is that no matter what plan you take, you can add unlimited websites to it. If you buy a plan of $ 10, then you can also add unlimited website to it.

Cloudways Hosting Cons – Drawbacks of Cloudways Hosting

There are also some disadvantages of cloudways that are probably non-existent, let’s know about them.

Costly For New Blogger

If your website is new right now, you may find cloudways a bit expensive compared to other hosting. But if your website is somewhat old, then you can understand how much traffic it is handling at a low price.

But in other web hosting, you have to pay a lot of renewal charges, but this is not the case in cloudways hosting.

No cPanel

As I mentioned earlier, we do not get CPanel in Cloudways, but we get software like FileZilla to access our files.

No Free Email Hosting

In Cloudways Hosting, you do not get email for free such as – Help@Techshole.Com

Cloudways Hosting offers you email hosting for $1.

Cloudways Hosting Related FAQ

What is Cloudways Hosting?
Cloudways Hosting is a managed cloud hosting in which you get 5 types of most powerful hosting servers.

How much is the initial plan for Cloudways Hosting?
Cloudways Hosting Starter Plan of $10 in which we get a digital ocean server.

Is Cloudways Hosting better than other hosting companies A2 Hosting and BlueHost?
Yes, Cloudways is better than A2 Hosting and BlueHost because it offers you cloud hosting at a low price.

How to get 10% discount for 3 months in Cloudways?
Applying for the “Techshole” discount coupon, you will get a 10% discount in Cloudways Hosting for the next 3 months.


Through this article, we told you about cloudways hosting review. Which is a genuine review. I hope you have liked this Cloudways Hosting written by us and your search for one of the best web hostings has also been completed.

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