18 Best WordPress Plugins for Website

Whenever we choose the WordPress platform to do blogging, we have to choose the best plugins for it. Many new bloggers do not know which plugins to choose for our blog.

Through today’s article, we will tell you about the top best WordPress plugins for blog. Which is very important to use for every blogger.

New bloggers do not understand which WordPress plugins are right for the website and start using the wrong WP plugins which are not of their use properly.

The best WordPress plugins we mentioned will not only help you rank in Google, but will also take you one step further to become a successful blogger.

Now let’s start this article without delay and know more.

1. Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is used to back up wordpress websites. With this help, you can create a daily backup of your website. So that if you ever accidentally delete any of your content, then you have its backup available.

2. One Signal

One Signal plugin is used for push notification. Whenever a user comes to our blog, the One Signal Plugin sends a push notification to the user.

With the help of which the user can subscribe to our website and the update of every new post we come to him reaches him. Due to which traffic in our website is also good.

3. Yoast SEO Premium

Whenever we write an article, it is very important to do SEO. Yoast SEO is one of the most improved and most used SEO plugins in WordPress.

Yoast SEO Plugin analyzes the entire SEO of our article. If there is any deficiency in SEO, then it also tells it. We have told you how to set up yoast SEO plugin in the previous post.

4. AMP

AMP plugin is used to increase the loading speed of the website in mobile. Google also recommends AMP. The AMP plugin reduces the loading speed of the website in mobile, which also creates the possibility of ranking the website.

5. WP Rocket

WP Rocket Plugin will make your WordPress website super fast, it is also a best cache plugin. Whenever a user opens your website, it creates a cache in his browser, so that your website will open very quickly in that user’s browser.

6. Smush

Through the Smush plugin, we can compress the image size of our website. Smush compresses the large image size in our website and converts it into a small image size, so that the image of our website opens quickly in any browser.

7. A3 Lazy Load

It takes the most time for the image to load in our content. Using the A3 Lazy Load Plugin, an image is loaded only when the user scrolls. With the help of which the speed of the website is also good.

8. Redirection

Redirection plugin is used to fix broken links in the website. With the help of redirection, you can redirect your 404 error page to another webpage.

With the help of redirection, we can fix the error of our website, which also improves the SEO of the website.

9. Akismet Anti Spam

Akismet Anti Spam Plugin is used to protect your website from spam commenting. This is the best anti-spam commenting plugin that is most commonly used in wordpress websites.

10. Jetpack

Jetpack plugin has many features available, with the help of which we can add many features to our website such as –

  • Daily backup.
  • You can auto-share the post on social media.
  • You can create a contact US page.
  • You can show related posts.
  • Social share buttons are found.
  • You can view pageview.

11. Wordfence

WordFence is a security plugin. With the help of which we can make our WordPress website secure. There is also a paid version of WordFence, but in its free version, we get a lot of features that protect our website from the attack of hackers.

12. LuckyWP – Table of Content

LuckyWP plugin is used to create a table of content at the beginning of content. It is very user friendly and SEO friendly. Any user can easily access the heading in our content that he wants to read.

13. Insert Header and Footer

If you do not have much knowledge of coding and do not want to tamper with the coding of your website again and again, then Insert Header and Footer Plugin is best for you. With this help, you can implement any code in your website’s Header and Footer.

14. Contact Form 7

This is a very old plugin, with the help of which we can create a great contact form for our website. This plugin is used by most people.

15. Ad Inserter

If you have approval for Google AdSense, then Ad Inserter is the best plugin for Ad Placement. With this help, you can place the best ads in your website according to you, which will also increase your earnings.

16. Elementor Page Builder

If you want to give your website a premium look, then Elementor is the best plugin. With this help, you can give a better design to your content, which will attract the user to your website.

17. Broken Link Checker

You can find out all broken links made in your website through the Broken Link Checker plugin. This is a very good plugin.

18. Google Site Kit

If you want to see all the data of Google on your WordPress dashboard, then Google Site Kit Plugin is the best for you. You can connect it with your Google Analytics, Search Console and track the traffic coming to your website.


So friends, these were the 18 best WordPress plugins for blogger which are very important for any WordPress blog website, all these plugins will make your website better.

Hopefully you must have liked this article, tell in the comment which plugin you use in your WordPress website. And yes, don’t forget to share this article. Thank you!!!

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