What is Amazon AWS? Explained in Detailed

Friends, Today we are going to share with you very important information about AWS. By now, all of you have heard about the Online E-Commerce Website of the Amazon and must have Online Shopping at some point or the other. Do you know what AWS is and what is AWS full form in Hindi? If you don’t know, get ready to know and read our article. Friends, you may get a lot of Online E Commerce Sites, but Amazon is a popular E-Commerce Online Shopping Sites around the world. But have you ever heard of the Web Services provided by Amazon, one of the world famous Web Services? Let us know about AWS as well as the Security Model provided by the AWS, let’s start.

What is AWS?

Friends, If we explain to you in simple language, AWS is a Platform that provides a very strong and secure Cloud Service within ourselves. Which provides us with very important service Facilities like various types of Web Services like Computer Power, Database Storage, CDN (Content Delivery Network), Migration, Networking and other Cloud Functionalities etc. Friends, If we talk about the beginning of AWS, Amazon founded it in 2006 mainly because of the Amazon Company’s own Data Base. But today, it is using all kinds of Services provided by almost all the AWS that it Companies all over the world, or you can understand it in such a way that the rest of the Companies is Shift in the Web Services of AWS, that is, Amazon, for its convenience.

Friends, Now you must have wondered why the rest of the Companies is trying to adopt this AWS, so for your information, tell us that through AWS, Companies is getting a lot of help in Developed all its Business, whether small or big, and that is why all Companies are fast moving towards AWS. The best part of AWS is that he Provide you the facility of Remote Access Service Cloud Services means Companies and Individuals in every way and you have to Payment according to whatever Services you take from them according to the Period of that Services and its Time.

Today, we see that most of the Companies Amazon Web Service (AWS) have Shift and some Companies Shift are going to happen. As we have already told you, the main reason for this is the Benefits on the Companies. Using which they are saving their money time as well as resources.

AWS Full Form

AWS Full Form “Amazon Web Service and AWS Full Form In Hindi is “Amazon Web Service.”. Under the AWS, all the Web Services that it provides to us are protected by the Amazon Company. Using AWS, we can also Launch any of our website in the internet world. If you need more information about AWS, do read this article till the end.

What Services does AWS provide?

Friends, as we have told you, today AWS has become a very famous Cloud Computing Product and Services-giving Technology globally. What is Cloud Infrastructure of AWS makes it not only a wide but most Successful and Beneficial Services. Speaking of its Products, AWS has some of its best Products, including EC2, Amazon Virtual Machine Services and S3, Amazon Storage System, which makes it much talked about.

If we talk about Services, some of the major Services given by the AWS include (Amazon RDS) i.e. Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon Cloud Front, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SNSS) etc.

What is Amazon Compute Service?

When it comes to AWS’s Services, we will be the first to talk about Compute Service under which you can get Server from AWS. If this is understood in simple language, all of you know very well that every Company has a Data Center of its own and that Data Center has its own Server. All the essential Data of the Company are Store in these Server. Not only that, Company always have to spend lakhs of rupees to Maintenance these Server. If any of these Server Server gets damaged, it takes a good Amount Invest to get a new Server. Therefore, Companies can also hire Server from AWS to deal with all these problems. For this, the Company has to Payment only the Server that is used. All these Sever are called EC2 Instance in AWS. EC2 has a Full Form Elastic Compute Cloud.

  • EC2
  • Lightsail
  • Lambda
  • Batch
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Serverless Application
  • Repository
  • AWS Outposts
  • EC2 Image Builder

What is Amazon Storage Service ?

Friends, In today’s modern age, if there is anything that is most important, it is the Data of anyone’s Client, the Data of Customer in Banks, for any Company as a Data Information example. AWS Full Form- Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives you the Service to Storage your Data. The most Popular Service of AWS to Store any Data whose name is S3. He provides. S3 has a Full Form Simple Storage Service.

  • S3
  • EFS
  • FSx
  • S3 Glacier
  • Storage Gateway
  • AWS Backup

What is Amazon Database Service ?

Friends, You must have seen that a lot of Companies Database also work to Management and in this field AWS gives you a very economical Database Service called Amazon RDS. Amazon RDS is Full Form Relational Database Service. This makes it very easy to Setup, Operate and Scale any Database.

  • RDS
  • Amazon DocumentDB
  • DynamoDB
  • Amazon QLDB
  • ElastiCache
  • Neptune
  • Amazon Keyspaces
  • Amazon Timestream

What is Amazon Migration & Transfer ?

Friends, as we told you above, most of the Companies are Shift in AWS Cloud with their Traditional Data Center at present. Obviously, friends, now you must be wondering how all the Data is Migrate in the AWS Cloud with the Data Center of Company. For this purpose also, AWS provides a very good Service which mainly includes AWS Snowball.

  • AWS Migration Hub
  • Application Discovery Service
  • Database Migration Service
  • Server Migration Service
  • AWS Transfer Family
  • AWS Snow Family
  • DataSync

What is Region and Zone in AWS ?

Friends, as we have already told you, there is a lot of Famous all over the world for AWS Cloud Services. This means that you can use any Service provided by AWS from any corner of the world anytime. To provide this facility, Amazon has created its own very big Data Center in all different corners of the world. Which is very Secure in terms of security and is always available to give you a very Protected Large and Trustworthy Cloud Platform Services.

Major Benefits of AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS Full Form) is something special about it that makes it very Famous and we will now tell you some of the benefits of AWS that make it different from the Web Services provided by other Companies.

  • Secure
  • No-Commitment
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Flexibility
  • Global Leader

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