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How to Promote Blog Websites for Free and Increase Traffic (15 Ways)

After you have created a blog, it is very important to promote it. By promoting, the popularity of the blog increases and there is also good traffic in the blog.

Blog promotion is very important to create a successful blogger.

By the way, there are paid ways to promote the website, and those methods are so costly that it is difficult for a new blogger to pay his charges.

To increase the traffic of the blog website, you should also pay attention to the blog promotion.

But don’t be disappointed at all. In this article, we have told you about 15 ways so you can also promote your blog for free. So let’s start today’s article without delay – how to do blog promotion.

Now we are going to tell you how to promote a blog website, if you use all these methods well, then there will definitely be very good traffic in your website, and the popularity of your website will also increase.

1 – Promote the blog by doing guest blogging

When we publish our post on another blog related to our niche, it is called guest blogging.

Guest blogging also gives us a high quality do-follow backlink. Guest blogging is the best way to promote a blog. This brings some of the traffic from the other blog to our blog as well. At the same time, we also get to know other bloggers who are experts in the field of blogging.

To do guest blogging, you need to find blogs related to your blog niche that have good traffic and their authority is also good. Only then will you get the benefit of guest blogging.

You can also use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs to locate authority blogs related to your niche. These tools are always helpful for a blogger.

2 – Promote the blog by answering on Quora

Quora is a popular question-answer website where millions of users answer questions every day.

To bring traffic from Quora to the blog, you will first have to create an account on Quora. You can create an account on Quora from your Gmail ID.

After creating an account on Quora, you can answer questions related to your niche and add the link to your blog in the answer. This will allow users who read the answer you have given to your blog.

Keep in mind that do not share your link in Quora too much otherwise Quora will block your profile as spam.

Make your profile professional to increase followers in Quora, only then people will trust you, it will increase your blog and your popularity.

3 – By doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In any blog or website, most of the traffic comes from the search engine, to get traffic from the search engine, one should have a good understanding of SEO.

You have to do the on-page SEO of each of your posts well, then you have to do off-page SEO and keep the speed of the website also good, only then you will get organic traffic from the search engine.

When you start getting good traffic from the search engine, then the popularity of your blog will be very high.

4 – Increase traffic by promoting the blog website on Facebook

Facebook is very popular in today’s time, which has kept millions of people connected together. You can bring good traffic to your blog from Facebook. There are two ways to get traffic from Facebook.

The first is to create a page in the name of your blog and invite your friends to that page, you can also share the link to your Facebook page on other social apps. This will increase your followers.

Then you keep sharing your article in your FB page, this will promote your blog as well as instant traffic will come to your blog.

Another way to promote a blog on FB is to join a group related to your niche and share your content in those groups.

5 – Promote blogs on Pinterest for free

Pinterest is also a social site where people mainly share images, infographic and GIFs. You can also get good traffic from Pinterest by pinning the image of your website.

One of the best ways to promote a Pinterest blog is to rank a lot of Pinterest’s content in the search engine as well.

6 – Promote blogs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to promote a website or blog. In LinkedIn, you create your own attractive profile and follow people related to your niche and read the information they share.

Connect with the related group from your niche and keep sharing your content. Creating an attractive LinkedIn profile will also increase your followers.

7 – Promote the website by writing blog posts on Medium

You can also promote your blog on Medium. Promoting the blog on medium will give you a lot of traffic.

To promote the blog on medium, you will have to create a profile of your own on medium, then regularly you can keep publishing your article on medium and give a link to your website in between.

Medium is a very large site with traffic in a million, if you share good content here, then the traffic in your website will be good.

8 – Promote the blog by sharing Twitter

Twitter is also a very big social site. On Twitter, you can create an account and promote your blog. But for blog promotion on Twitter, you should have more followers.

On Twitter, you can give a link to your blog by commenting in another profile related to your niche. This will also bring traffic to your blog.

9 – Promote website from e-mail marketing

You can also promote your blog through e-mail marketing. A lot of big bloggers use e-mail marketing to promote their blogs.

Through e-mail marketing, you can send mail to many people at the same time and promote your website.

To do e-mail marketing, you must first collect e-mails of people who are interested in your niche.

In this world of digital marketing, email marketing has become very important.

10 – Make blogs famous by creating a YouTube channel

YouTube is very popular today and is the second largest search engine in the world. If you have a blog, create a YouTube channel in your blog niche. And work on YouTube regularly.

You give the link to your blog in the description of YouTube video, so that your video viewers can also access your blog and the traffic in your blog will also be good.

11 – Publish posts regularly

You have to keep publishing posts on your blog regularly, only then Google will trust you. When you publish posts regularly, some of your articles will definitely rank on Google or any other search engine, which will bring traffic to your blog and also increase the authority of your blog. Write regular blog posts that rank on Google.

12 – Use the Social Share Button

Use the Social Share Button in your blog. Using the Social Share button, people will share your content. When a user shares our content on a social site, we get a high quality do follow backlink.

13 – Use the Push Notification

You may have often noticed that whenever you open a website, a pop-up window opens with the option of Allow and Disallow. That’s the push notification.

Using push notifications, you can convert your blog’s traffic to a permanent reader. Whoever comes to your blog once and allows the notification, then the update of every new post of yours will reach it.

14 – By submitting to Google News

If you submit your blog to Google News and get an approval for it, then you will start getting organic and social media traffic all over the instant.

Google News is the perfect way to promote your blog. Which we use too.

Once you get the approval on Google News, your blog will start coming to Discover and News Feed. From here, people will start sharing your blog posts in other social media, which will make you more traffic.

15 – Answering in the Google Question Hub

The way to promote a blog is amazing called – Google Question Hub.

In this, you can answer countless questions asked by people.

For this, you have to write an article for the question that has been asked.

You can then submit your blog post URL with that question.

This will make you see an increase in organic traffic.

Benefits of promoting a website

  • The traffic of the blog increases.
  • The website is popular.
  • High-quality backlinks are available.
  • Gradually, domain authourity increases.
  • Adsense’s earnings seem to be higher.
  • Google rankings are better.
  • There are growing followers in social media.


So, through this article, we told you that how to promote blog websites for free, If you follow these 15 tips for the promotion of your website, then the popularity of your blog will increase quickly and very soon your blog will become a high authority blog.

Let’s hope that you will also like this article. Share this article with your friends as much as possible so that they can learn about ways to promote your blog.

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