What is NPA? When is loan NPA formed?

Friends, have you ever wondered how the bank earns money and what is the money that the bank earns is called Npa what happens when the bank goes into a loss, what do you call it. As you know, at the present time, about four to five persons in India have fled abroad with a loan from the government’s money i.e. the government bank, whether it is Nirav Modi or Kingfisher Airlines. Be it Vijay Mallya, the owner of the government bank, every time these people run away with the money of the state-run bank.

Because these people take money as loan from a government bank and are not able to repay, then they run away from the country as defaulters. In this situation, the loan reaches the position of Npa (what is Npa) friends you must have also heard about Npa (Npa Kya Hota Hai) at some time or the other, then you must have thought about what is this Npa and when the loan changes to Npa

Friends, you must read this article from the beginning to the end in this you are going to know what is Npa – what is npa in Hindi, Npa meaning in Hindi, how much is Npa, how much is Npa recovered.

What is NPA?

Npa is a loan or loan given by the bank to any borrower which the borrower is unable to repay or the borrower is not able to repay the loan or loan to the bank, in that case the loan is called NPA by the bank i.e. non performing assets.

Friends, the bank gives loan and earns money as interest from them, they use the loan money as assets and that assets are earning money as interest to the bank. Its duration is fixed. Its duration is about 3 months.

If a loan does not come back for more than 3 months or the loan is not able to give any kind of income to the bank for more than 3 months, then it becomes declared NPA i.e. non-performing assets.

At present, about Rs 8 lakh crore of NPAs have been declared on Indian public sector banks, i.e., so many people have taken loans but have been unable to repay it.

NPA Meaning & Full Form

The full form of NPA is ‘Non Performing Assets’ which means that non-performing assets i.e. assets from which there is no income.

Friends Npa Hindi means ‘non performing assets’ in Hindi which we also call non-performing assets.

This means that an asset by which no earning is being made, i.e., there is no income of any kind.

When is Loan NPA Counted?

Friends, whenever a bank gives a loan or finances someone, it gives 3 months’ time to compensate it i.e. it gives 3 months to repay the loan that you have to deposit the instalments within 3 months.

If a person is not able to pay the EMI of the loan given by the bank in the first month, he is not able to give the second month and cannot give it even for the third month. Thus in total 90 days he has to give a kiss if he is not able to give it then the loan or financial assistance goes within the NPA category of the bank

If the instalment of the loan given by any bank is not hidden within 3 months, it goes into the category of NPA i.e. called NPA. After this, the bank sends a notice to the creditor and takes action which takes place in authority.

Types of NPA

Friends, NPA is formed in the event of not being able to repay the loan given by the bank but according to the position of repaying the loan, NPA is of 3 types-

1. Sub standard assets-

Friends, if a creditor is not able to repay the bank loan in 90 days, he falls under the category of NPA if that person is able to repay that loan within 1 year

So he goes into the category of Npa Sub standard assets – Sub Standard Assets i.e. Sub standard assets – Sub Standard Assets.

2. Doubtful assets-

When any person talks about repaying the loan given by the bank but he does not repay any loan of any kind, does not pay any kind of interest, then in the eyes of the bank it is doubtful assets – where does the doubtful assets go?

3. Loss assets-

When i do not get any kind of interest on a loan given by me for one year or within 90 days and for 1 year no one is able to repay it, then it is put in the category of loss assets – loss assets

How a loan NPA Formed?

The loan or loan given by the bank turns into NPA only if the creditor is unable to repay it Most of the creditors are big traders and industrialists who take the loan and in the event of non-repayment of it, they flee the country as defaulters and put the bank at a great loss.

The bank also sometimes gives loans to industrialists without knowing their background history, sometimes loans are given even by citing government posts, when they are in a position to repay, the bank incurs huge losses and that loan becomes an NPA.

How NPA grows?

Friends, the main reason for the increase in NPA is the bank’s loan to such persons who are not able to repay the loan later or do not want to repay the loan and flee the country, for example, businessmen like Nirav Modi or Vijay Mallya who are able to repay the money but do not want to repay the money and flee abroad with all the money.

In a report published by rbi i.e. reserve bank of india, the total npas in the year 2015 were 323464 crore rupees which increased to 10,35,528 crore rupees in 2018. In 3 years, the amount of entry increases 3 times and it is not good at all for the banking system, it can crush the economy of the country.

How to recover NPA?

The bank has many types of tricks and powers to recover the NPA, but the bank is not much of a gimmick to maintain its image and image, today it is the mother but it adopts the same paths which are right in the eyes of the law.

The bank recovers NPA by selling the guaranteed assets i.e. gold land or shares of the company to recover the NPAs.

Now bad bank has been set up for recovery of NPA which is perfect for recovery of Npa can save bed bank from sinking any bank.

What is the total NPA in India?

Total Npa in India – Total Npa of India – Friends Total npa of India i.e. total NPA in loans given by banks of India is about Rs 6.17 trillion (6.17 Trillion Indian rupees) from financial year 2018 to 2021

The total NPAs of State Bank of India of India were approximately – about 1,26,389 crore Indian rupees in the March quarter.

At number two is Punjab National Bank and at number three is Bank of Baroda Bank.

Five Banks in India That Have a Higher Total NPA

Total NPA of State Bank of India

The total npa of the State Bank of India is now about Rs 126389 crore in the financial year from 2018 to 2021, which proves to be the bank with the highest NPA in the whole of India.

Total NPA of Punjab National Bank

The total npa of Punjab National Bank, india’s second largest bank, according to the March 2021 report, is about 1044. 23 crores is Indian rupees.

Total NPA of Union Bank of India 

The total npa of Union Bank of India i.e. the total NPA amount is about 898 crore Indian rupees.

Total NPA of Bank of Baroda 

Similarly, the total NPAs of Bank of Baroda is about Rs 666 crore.

Total NPA of Bank of India 

The total NPA of Bank of India is about Rs 565 crore.


Friends, you have yet to know what is Npa – what is npa in Hindi,Npa meaning in Hindi, how many types of Npa are there, how is Npa recovered?

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