How to get a loan from Phone Pe? – How to apply for a Phone Pe loan

Friends, who does not need money today, where the epidemic is spread by Corona and people are getting very attracted like loans to meet the essential needs of the people, in such a way that being a small and big NBFC company has also provided the facility to deliver loans to the small sector.

How to take a loan from Phone pe: How to apply for a phone pe loan – Phone pe, paytm, Google has also offered a loan or credit proposal while trying to reach the facility like loan to your customers and user in view of this need, in which you can take a loan from phone pe.

Friends, read this article from the beginning to the end, in this you are going to know how to take a loan from phone pe how to apply phone pe loan how to get a loan from phone what should be the qualification to take a loan from phone.

How to get a loan from Phone Pe?

Friends, as you know, Phone pe is the largest company in the category of UPI payment company, it has more than 30 crore customers who use Phone pe daily, recharge, make bill payments, in such a way to give loan facility to these customers and users of Phone pe.

Phone pe has provided the facility of instant personal loan which phone pe can be availed easily by a diet user and can repay in very easy installments that too with a very low interest rate.

To get a loan from phone pe, you have to use Flipkart company which is a big e-commerce company outside because Phone pe is not giving loans directly but is providing loans through Flipkart.

What is Phone Pe?

Phone Pe is a UPI payment best application that came to the Indian market after the advent of UPI payment in India Phone pe has captured the UPI market very quickly all over India Today you will find the use of Phone pe on every nook and corner of every street in India.

Through the application, you can transfer payments up to ₹100000, pay electricity bill, recharge mobiles, recharge DTH and pay loan, EMI.

Who can apply for Phone Pe loan?

Through Phone pe, everyone uses Phone pe who has been using it for more than 1 year and has completed his Phone pe KYC, that person can apply for such a loan phone pe.

For a phone pe loan, a person who has a civil of about 700 plus and has done a very good transaction through his PAN card and his banking behaviour is very good.

How much does phone pe give a loan?

Phone pe is providing loan facility for its customers and others, it provides loan facility based on their payment profile, tries to give a loan of as much money as possible to everyone. He can provide a loan instant ranging from ₹5000 to ₹30000.

What is the eligibility of loan from Phone pe?

Phone pe loan gives very easily without any paperwork and for that easily you have to fulfill some of the essential conditions of phone pe.

  • To get a loan from phone pe, the age of phone pe user must be above 18 years.
  • Phone pe user’s PAN card must be linked with phone pe to get loan from phone pe
  • Phone pe should be used by phone pe user for the last one and a half years.
  • Phone pe uses must be a citizen of India and must have citizenship of India
  • Phone pe user should have Aadhaar card and PAN card so that hand-in-hand verification can be done.
  • Phone pe users should not have a loan in advance.
  • Phone pe user should not be a defaulter of a bank beforehand
  • Phone pe used civil should be above 700

Documents required to apply for Phone pe loan

To apply for a phone pe loan, you need some documents, let’s know what is the document required to apply for a phone pe loan.

  • Aadhaar Card – Phone Pe User What’s the matter is that your Aadhaar card should be in which he is 18 years of age plus
  • PAN Card – Phone pe user should have his/her PAN card which is connected with Aadhaar card.
  • Mobile Number – Phone pe User’s Aadhaar card and PAN card should be connected in with a mobile number which is linked to mobile number Phone pe and Flipkart

How to get a loan from Phone pe?

How to take loan from Phone Pe – You may have to follow some procedure to take a loan from Phone Pe.

  • First of all, download and install the Phone pe application in your Android phone from the Play Store.
  • Create a phone pe account on one of your mobile numbers on which you have a bank account
  • Make your mobile number with the bank account that you should have the ATM card of that and the bank account.
  • Generate your UPI PIN and activate the UPI ID in the Phone Pe application now
  • Now you can create a Flipkart ID from the same mobile number
  • Add your necessary information such as name address address and payment method to Flipkart
  • Flipkart has a section of Pay Later on which you have to click on it to create your own Flipkart Pay later account.
  • Enter your PAN number and the authority will be checked if your civil marks are very good, you would have been given a loan of up to ₹30000.
  • Even if you have a civil down, you are given a loan ranging from a thousand to ₹5000.

Note:- You should not be a defaulter of a bank or you should not have given up a loan in the middle of the loan first.


Friends, so thank you for reading it from start to finish, in this you have to know how to take loan from phone pe, how to apply loan from phone pe, What should be the qualification to take loan from phone.

I hope you liked this article and it gave you important information and got a good idea about phone pe’s loan.

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